Below are some of the commonly used buzzwords and abbreviations used throughout our site.

SIPSterilize In Place - Applies To Sterilizing Equipment, Vessels +/Or Piping That's Too Large To Fit Into An Autoclave
CIPClean In Place - Applies To Cleaning Equipment, Vessels +/Or Piping That's Too Large To Disassemble In Order To Clean
COPClean Out Of Place - Applies To Parts, Equipment Or Vessels That Are Removed From Their Operating Locations To Be Cleaned
GMPGood Manufacturing Practice
TOCTotal Organic Carbon - A Basic, Broadband Measure Of Cleanliness. Also One Of The Critical Measurements Of Water Quality.
WFIWater For Injection - High Purity Water Used To Formulate And Clean In Biotech And Pharmaceutical Processes.
VMPValidation Master Plan.
TLAThree Letter Acronym